Training Services

Center for Brief Therapy

The Pre-Doctoral Internship at the PCOM Center for Brief Therapy

The Center for Brief Therapy serves as a pre-doctoral internship site for training future psychologists through participation in the Association of Psychology Post-doctoral and Pre-doctoral Internship Centers (APPIC).

Click here for complete information on the Pre-Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology at PCOM.

The internship in clinical psychology at the PCOM Center for Brief Therapy is a training program for doctoral psychology interns based on the practitioner-scholar model of professional psychology training and practice. The internship is exclusively affiliated with the PsyD program in Clinical Psychology at PCOM. The internship at the Center for Brief Therapy emphasizes the integration of science and practice, informed by the local clinical scientist model, and an emphasis on cognitive behavioral practice. The internship stresses foundational competency development and consolidation in the areas of relationship, diversity, and applied ethics, and specific competency development in knowledge, skills and attitudes involving assessment, diagnosis, case conceptualization, treatment planning, intervention, consultation, supervision, and research and education.

Interns also represent the role of psychology while working within an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals. The bulk of the internship is in the major rotation at Center for Brief Therapy, with a minor rotation in an assigned neighborhood PCOM Health Care Center. Our training curriculum strives to be relevant to the current demands of practicing psychologists and the populations they serve. The activities of the internship are designed to teach and develop professional competence through education, modeling, experience and supervision. The internship emphasizes the provision of service to culturally diverse communities, as well as the treatment of underserved populations with significant health disparities. The internship strongly values cultural competence and ethics. We strive for interns to employ scientific attitudes and analysis to the work they do. Overall, we expect interns to enhance a range of competencies that are central to effective functioning as a professional psychologist.

The PCOM Center for Brief Therapy is a member of the Association of Postdoctoral and Psychology Internship Centers (APPIC) and uses the National Matching Service program to select interns in the annual Match.  

The program received initial accreditation for the maximum of seven years by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association in August 2014.  The next accreditation site visit will be held in 2021.

For general information about APA accreditation or specific information about the accreditation status of the internship at the PCOM Center for Brief Therapy, please contact:

Jacqueline Remondet Wall, PhD
Director, Office of Program Consultation & Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242

Practicum Training

The Center for Brief Therapy also serves as a site for PCOM masters and doctoral level students completing practicum experiences in order to obtain training hours toward degree completion and internship preparation.

For additional information about the training components of PCOM’s psychology programs, please refer to the specific psychology program in which you are interested.

Trainees have the opportunity to:

  • Work in the Center for Brief Therapy and PCOM's healthcare centers
  • Collaborate with PCOM medical faculty, physicians, and medical and allied health students in the following primary care settings: Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Cambria Healthcare Center, Lancaster Healthcare Center, Roxborough Healthcare Center
  • Provide clinical and behavioral health interventions in consultative, individual, and group settings
  • Build skills using empirically supported and CBT focused treatments
  • Complete psycho-educational and behavioral assessments
  • Participate in intensive clinical supervision from our highly skilled clinical psychologists
  • Interact with Psychology Department faculty to gain experience in teaching, writing, or presentation
  • Provide services to the community through mental health outreach programs
  • Conduct student support programs through CARES
  • Supervise junior students in training
  • Participate in clinical research
  • Participate in individual and group supervision