Federal Student Loans

Most PCOM students utilize the Federal Direct Stafford loan to finance their education. They then supplement their Stafford loan with a Graduate PLUS loan or a private student loan to pay for remaining tuition as well as books, supplies, and living expenses. All students who wish to be considered for federal student loans must complete the FAFSA application. Parent information is NOT required on the FAFSA for consideration of these loans. 



Federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Loans

Millions of Americans do not have access to health care because they live where there are not enough health professionals to meet basic needs. Shortages of health professionals suggest many more may soon find themselves unable to see a primary health care provider when they need one.

HRSA health professions loan repayment, scholarship and loan programs help to encourage and enable clinicians to work in underserved areas.



Private Student Loans

Private student loans are financing options for education that can either supplement or replace federal student loans. Private student loans are offered by many banks and credit unions. Rates, amounts, periods, and other conditions can vary greatly between lenders so it is important to research private student loans carefully.



PCOM Institutional Loans

Funded by the PCOM Alumni Association, the Alumni Association Loan is awarded to second-year and higher graduate and medical students who demonstrate financial need and are in good academic standing.